1977 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 7th Agronomy Society Conference held at Dunedin, Otago in 1977.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy Society Papers


Presidential address - Climate and crop production

J.P. Kerr pp. 1-3


Fattening beef weaners on crops - I. A theoretical economic appraisal

R.C. Stephen and R.C. McDonald pp. 5-11


Fattening beef weaners on crops - II. A preliminary assessment of crop and animal performance

R.C. Stephen, R.C. McDonald and K.R. Wilson pp. 13-16


Animal production on crops versus pasture in the autumn - I. Weaned lambs

R.C. McDonald, R.C. Stephen and K.R. Wilson pp. 17-19


Animal production on crops versus pasture in the autumn – II. Finishing beef weaners

R.C. McDonald, K.R. Wilson, R.C. Stephen and G.H. Davis pp. 21-25


The effect of harvest date and nitrogenous fertiliser on cool season forage yields of cereals and tama ryegrass in Nelson and Marlborough

P.J. Rhodes pp. 27-30


Summer and early autumn forage yields of maize, sorghums and millets in Nelson and Marlborough

P.J. Rhodes pp. 31-35


The evaluation of a teosinte-maize hybrid for forage

A.D. Hall pp. 37-39


An evaluation of turnips (NZ York Globe) and 1000 headed kale (Brassica oleracea) as autumn finishing crops for heavy weight lambs

K.T. Jagusch, P.A. Farquhar and Carol Kevey pp. 41-44


Influence of maturity and frequency of harvest on the nutritive quality of cool season forage legumes

A.O. Taylor, K.A. Hughes, R.M. Haselmore and R. Holland pp. 45-49


Seedling growth of Medicago truncatula and Ornithopus sativus on a Manawatu fine sandy loam as affected by pH, N, P, K and rhizobial inoculation

J.M. de Ruiter and A.O. Taylor pp. 51-53


The performance of prospective wheat cultivars in the southern half of the North Island

W.J.P. Mitchel and R.J. Cross pp. 55-56


The effect of time of sowing and density on pod position and yield of two cultivars of field beans (Vicia faba L.)

S.D. Newton and G.D. Hill pp. 57-63


A comparison of seed and nutrient yield of spring-sown grain legumes

G.D. Hill, P.E. Horn and N.G. Porter pp. 65-68


Influence of branch removal, plant density and species on pod set and seed yield of lupins

S.J. Herbert pp. 69-73


The effect of plant population and time of harvest on growth of hybrid and non-hybrid maize

E.R. Thom pp. 75-80


Effects of sowing rate and nitrogen fertiliser on tillering of "Karamu" and "Kopara" wheats

J. Frazer and C.T. Dougherty pp. 81-87


Limitations on breeding high-protein field peas

W.A. Jermyn pp. 89-91

Symposium - Acceptable Crop Cultivar Scheme


The acceptable crop cultivar scheme in New Zealand

P. Thaine pp. 95-96


Plant varieties rights in New Zealand

I.G. Forbes pp. 97-98


National and recommended lists and associated procedures in Britain and Europe

I.M. Ritchie pp. 99-101


A basis for crop cultivar evaluation

J.A. Douglas, C.B. Dyson and J.E. Wailer pp. 103-106


The mandatory accepted cultivar list for agricultural seeds in New Zealand and its relationship to plant breeding and agricultural progress

P.S. Yates pp. 107-110


Plant breeders' rights: the viewpoint of a government-employed plant breeder

J.M. McEwan pp. 111-112


Farmer's assessment of plant breeders' rights and the acceptable crop cultivar scheme

N.Q. Wright pp. 113-114


Plant breeders' rights and the acceptable cultivar scheme - a review

J.G.H. White pp. 115-116