1976 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 6th Agronomy Society Conference held at Palmerston North, Manawatu in 1976.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy Society Papers


Presidents invitation address: Possible future constraints on New Zealand's agricultural system by factors outside the farm gate

L.A. Cameron pp. 1-3


Rate of development and yield of group 2, 3 and 4 maturity soybean cultivars planted at three dates

S.J. McCormick pp. 5-7


Soybean - a new crop for the Kaipara district?

L.V. Turnbull pp. 9-13


Breeding of vining pea cultivars for New Zealand

D.S. Goulden and M.J. Crampton pp. 15-17


Assessment of new vining pea cultivars in Hawke's Bay

M.J. Wraight pp. 19-22


An assessment of new vining pea cultivars in South Canterbury

C.T. Mortlock and S.H. Manning pp. 23-25


Cool season forage cereal trials in Manawatu and Wairarapa

J.P. Kerr and P.H. Menalda pp. 27-30


Forage oat varieties for the North Island with emphasis on disease resistance

H.A. Eagles and A.O. Taylor pp. 31-35


Maize densities for forage production in Canterbury

A.R. Wallace and D.J.G. Davies pp. 37-42


The effect of sowing and harvest dates on the leaf and stem yield of marrowstem kale in relation to feed quality

R.C. Stephen pp. 43-48


The potential role of legumes in maize grain and forage cropping systems

A.O. Taylor and K.A. Hughes pp. 49-52


The fertiliser requirements of linseed for oilseed production

M. Woodhead and B.E. Neilson pp. 53-55


Oil-seed rape - Agronomic experiences, problems and potential

D.M. Davidson pp. 57-60


The evaluation of some lupin species new to New Zealand

N.G. Porter, Helen M. Gilmore and G.D. Hill pp. 61-64


Effect of P, K and S fertiliser on the amino acid composition of Lupinus angustifolius cv Uniharvest seed

S.J. Herbert and G.D. Hill pp. 65-67


The effects of seed inoculation, nitrogenous fertiliser and herbicide on the seed yield of Lupinus angustifolius cv Uniwhite

P.J. Rhodes pp. 69-70


A preliminary study of lupins on pumice soils

N.J. Withers, I.P.M. McQueen and K.C. Clark pp. 71-73


October-sown Lupinus angustifolius in Canterbury

R.J. Lucas, D.B. Pownall and S.J. Herbert pp. 75-77