2009 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 38th Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln, Canterbury in 2009.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy  Society Papers



Effect of total defoliation on maize growth and yield

A.P. Pearson and A.L. Fletcher  pp. 1-6



Optimum plant population for maize silage in Canterbury

M.J. George and A.L. Fletcher  pp. 7-14



Leaf area development in maize hybrids of different stay-green ratings

J.R. Kosgey, D.J. Moot, B.A. McKenzie and A.L. Fletcher  pp.15-22



Alternative tillage practice for establishing maize silage and reducing soil nitrogen mineralisation

P.R. Johnstone, N. Arnold, A. Pearson and M. Parker  pp. 23-32



Intercropping maize-silage in New Zealand

S.R. Shaw, P.R. Johnstone, B.T. Rogers and J.B. Reid  pp. 33-45



Crop architecture and light interception in forage rape (Brassica napus L.) grown for seed

J.A.K. Trethewey  pp. 47-57



Kale dry matter yield responses to nitrogen and phosporous application

E. Chakwizira, A.L. Fletcher, J.M. de Ruiter, E. Meeken, S. Maley and D.R. Wilson  pp. 59-70



Dry matter accumulation of oats sown at five different sowing dates

M.Y. Martini, B.A. McKenzie, D.J. Moot, G.D. Hill and J.M. de Ruiter  pp. 71-80 



Spring water use efficiency of six dryland pastures in Canterbury

N. Tonmukayakul, D.J. Moot and A. Mills  pp. 81-94



Cardinal temperatures and thermal time requirements for germination of annual and perennial temperate pasture species

D. P. Monks, K. Sadat-Asilan and D.J. Moot  pp. 95-109



Preliminary study of the spatial distribution of sweet potato storage roots

S.L. Lewthwaite and C.M. Triggs  pp. 111-122



Thermal control of disease in carrot seed crops

R.S. Trivedi, J.M. Townshend, M.V. Jaspers, H.J. Ridgway and J.G. Hampton  pp. 123-131