1991 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 21st Agronomy Society Conference held at Tauranga, Bay of Plenty in 1991.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Potential for introduced sweet potato cultivars in New Zealand

S.L. Lewthwaite pp. 1-5


Breeding of Cucurbita spp. in New Zealand

D.G. Grant and B.V. Carter pp. 7-11


Influence of plant population on yields of vining pea cultivars with contrasting seed sizes

R.E. Scott, D.R. Wilson and D.S. Goulden pp. 13-18


A study of bulb shape in onions (Allium cepa L.)

D.G. Grant and B.V. Carter pp. 19-22


The effects of herbicide and plant population on yield, yield components and seed quality of Phaseolus vulgaris L.

B.A. McKenzie, B.G. Love and D.C. Askin pp. 23-28


Potential and risks of maize grain and silage production in Canterbury. I. Yield responses to time of sowing

J.V. Johnstone and D.R. Wilson pp. 29-31


Potential and risks of maize grain and silage production in Canterbury. II. Analysis of climatic risk

D.R. Wilson, I.R. Brooking and J.V. Johnstone pp. 33-35


Drought influence on maize dry matter production and grain yield in Canterbury

P.D. Jamieson and G.S. Francis p. 37


Commercial maize production in New Zealand

A.K. Hardacre, K.I. Sinclair and M.P. van Tilberg pp. 39-43


Alternative grass options for dry east coast and downland pastoral systems

R. F. Woodman and W. J. Fraser pp. 45-53


Genetical and environmental effects on white clover root growth and morphology

J.R. Caradus pp. 55-60


Effects of starter nitrogen on early growth and nodulation of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)

K.K. Turay, M. Andrews and B.A. McKenzie pp. 61-65


Sowing depth and nitrogen effects on emergence of a range of New Zealand wheat cultivars

S. Hines, M. Andrews, W.R. Scott and D. Jack pp. 67-72


The maintenance of arable cropping in Canterbury

R.C. Stephen pp. 73-78


Phacelia: Some management notes

K. Stevenson pp. 79-82


Some notes on yield and protein responses to nitrogen in bread and durum wheats

K. Stevenson and M. Daly pp. 83-86


The influence of wheat cultivar on bug (Nysius huttoni) damage to wheat

D. Every, J.A.K. Farrell and M.W. Stufkens pp. 87-92