2001 Journal Papers

Our recent 50th Anniversary celebrated our past and looked to the future... Our thanks to the Symposium's 18 sponsors, 31 speakers & 172 registrants for making it such a success.

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 31st Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln in 2001.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader (to open the PDF files) here


A predictive model of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) yield

M.R. Anwar, B.A. McKenzie, G.D. Hill and P.L. Peri  pp. 1-11


Methods for analysing multi-site plant variety trials. I. Estimating genotypic means at each site

G. Ye, D.L. Mcneil and G.D. Hill  pp. 13-24


Methods for analysing multi-site plant variety trials. II. Selection for yield and stability

G. Ye, D.L. Mcneil and G.D. Hill  pp. 25-33


Process of technology transfer at the start of the 21st Century

I.L. Ennis, W.T. Bussell, G.J. Pringle and F.A. Perry  pp. 35-38


Molecular mapping of durable stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis West.) resistence gene(s) in wheat

M. Imtiaz, M. Ahmad, M. Cromey, J. Hampton and D. McNeil  pp. 39-44


Nutrient and water effects on grain production in wheat - a combined model approach

P.D. Jamieson, J.B. Reid, S.K. Halse, C.S. Tregurtha and R.J. Martin pp. 45-52


Magnesium deficiency in crops and its relevance to arable farming in New Zealand - a review

M. Craighead pp. 53-62


Responses to magnesium fertilisers in wheat in Mid Canterbury

M.D. Craighead and R.J. Martin pp. 63-70


Effect of fertiliser rate and type on the yield and nitrogen balance of a Pukekohe potato crop

R.J. Martin, M.D. Craighead, P.H. Williams and C.S. Tregurtha pp. 71-80


Methods of estimating the amount of N required by a potato crop

R.J. Martin, M.D. Craighead, P.D. Jamieson and S.M. Sinton pp. 81-86


The influence of nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser on amino acid composition of wheat and barley grain

J.M. de Ruiter and D.P. Karl pp. 87-98


Growth potential of spring forage cereals for silage

J.M. de Ruiter pp. 99-107


An introduction to the analysis of agricultural systems

P.D. Kemp, D.J. Horne, J.I. Reid and I.M. Brookes pp. 109-114


Wheat yield responses to potassic fertiliser on Canterbury arable soils

R.C. Stephen pp. 115-119


Some factors affecting seed quality during the mechanical threshing of dwarf French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

M.M. Greven, B.A. McKenzie, J.G. Hampton, M.J. Hill and G.D. Hill pp. 121-126