2000 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 30th Agronomy Society Conference held at Palmerston North in 2000.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Effect of time of sowing on reproductive development of variegated thistle

R.J. Martin, B. Deo and J.A. Douglas  pp. 1-5


AspireNZ: A crop management decision support system for asparagus growers

D.R. Wilson, C.G. Cloughley and S.M. Sinton  pp. 7-12


The intake and preference of sheep for three poplar cultivars

K.C. McKinnon, P.D. Kemp, D.I. Hedderley, and J. Hodgson  pp. 13-17


Asparagus production in New Zealand: the contribution of agronomic studies

W.T. Bussell  pp. 19-23


The calibration of a model for daylength responses in spring wheats for large numbers of cultivars

P.D. Jamieson and C.A. Munro  pp. 25-28


Phomopsis castanea infection in chestnuts from Canterbury, New Zealand

A. Osmonalieva, D.L. McNeil, A. Stewart, D.J. Klinac and K.D.R. Wadia  pp. 29-35


The influence of late nitrogen applications on autumn sown milling wheat

M.D. Craighead and W.B. Burgess pp. 37-42


Sulphur and grain quality in autumn sown milling wheat cv. Monad

M.D. Craighead  pp. 43-44


The effect of sowing depth on the emergence and early development of six pasture species

P.L. Peri, H.E. Brown and B.A. McKenzie  pp. 45-53


Effect of sowing time on sweet corn yield and quality

B.T. Rogers, P.J. Stone, S.R. Shaw and I.B. Sorensen  pp. 55-61


Effect of sowing time on yield of a short and a long season maize hybrid

I.B. Sorensen, P.J. Stone and B.T. Rogers  pp. 63-66


Effect of row spacing and plant population on maize yield and quality

P.J. Stone, A.J. Pearson, I.B. Sorensen and B.T. Rogers  pp. 67-75


Grain yield and quality of two durum wheat cultivars grown in Canterbury

T.M. Reddecliffe, D.J. Moot, D.R. Wilson and W.R. Scott  pp. 77-82


Effects of preharvest and postharvest factors on grain hardness and stress cracking in three maize hybrids

T.H. Kim, J.G. Hampton, L. Opara, A.K. Hardacre, M.J. Hill and B. MacKay  pp. 83-91


Changes in the morphology, production and population of Lotus corniculatus L. cv. Grasslands Goldie in response to seasonal defoliation regimes

W. Ayala, J. Hodgson and P.D. Kemp  pp. 93-100


Shade tolerance of pasture species in relation to deciduous tree, temperate silvopastoral systems

Naba R. Devkota, P.D. Kemp, I. Valentine, and J. Hodgson  pp. 101-107


Water extraction patterns and water use efficiency of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars in Canterbury

M.R. Anwar, B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill  pp. 109-120


“Late control” spring grazing management of perennial ryegrass swards:effect on sward structure and botanical composition

C. Matthew, A. Hernández Garay and J. Hodgson  pp. 121-127


Dry Matter production of irrigated chicory, lucerne and red clover in Canterbury

H.E. Brown, D.J. Moot. K.M. Pollock and C. Inch  pp. 129-137


Impact of tillage system on sweet corn yield and some soil properties

A.J. Pearson, D.J. Bloomer and M. Grant  pp. 139-142


Preliminary study on sweetpotato growth: I Dry matter partitioning

S.L. Lewthwaite and C.M. Triggs  pp. 143-149


Preliminary study on sweetpotato growth: II Sugar composition of developing storage roots

S.L. Lewthwaite, C.M. Triggs and K.H. Sutton  pp. 151-159


Effect of crop morphology and density on crop and weed·productivity

W.A.P. Isaac, G.D. Hill, B.A. McKenzie, C. Frampton and G.W. Bourdot pp. 161-168