2011 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 41st Agronomy Society Conference held at Gisborne in 2011.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Establishment of kale by direct drilling and cultivation, and their effects on soil during grazing 

J.M. de Ruiter and G.R. Edwards  pp. 5-15


Forage quality of sorghum, sudan-grass sorghum x sudan-grass and pearl millet cultivars in Manawatu

J.P. Millner, D. Silungwe and C.R. McGill  pp. 17-26


Dry matter response of swede crops to nitrogen and phosphorus application in Southland and central North Island regions of New Zealand

E. Chakwizira, A.L. Fletcher, E.D. Meenken, P. Johnstone, S. Maley, N. Arnold, S. Armstrong, M. George, R. Sim, R. Minchin, J. Morton and A. Stafford  pp. 27-41


Fodder beet revisited

C. Matthew, N.J. Nelson, D. Ferguson and Y. Xie  pp. 39-48


Yield and quality of milling wheat in response to water deficit and sowing date on a shallow soil 

R. Minchin, A.L. Fletcher, R. Gillespie, M. George, E.D. Meeken, S. Shorter and H.E. Brown  pp. 49-58


A framework for quantifying maize leaf expansion and senescence at the individual leaf level

E.I. Teixeira, M. George, H.E. Brown and A.L. Flecher  pp. 59-65


A validation of APSIM nitrogen balance and leaching predictions

J.M. Sharp, S.M. Thomas and H.E. Brown  pp. 67-77


Does my potato crop need fertiliser? A modelling approach

J.B. Reid, B.P. Searle and S. Sinton  pp. 79-95


Possible species for the production of biodiesel on marginal land

B.A. McKenzie, B.M. Smallfield, V. Fasi and R.J. Martin  pp. 97-107


Trials for producing biogas feedstock crops on marginal land in New Zealand

L.H.J. Kerckhoffs, S.Shaw, S. Trolove, M. Astill, S. Heubeck and R. Renquist  pp.109-123


Nitrogen partitioning in spring and winter wheat at various N rates

G. Hernandez-Ramirez, A.L. Fletcher and P.D. Jamieson  pp. 125-132


Effects of spring management techniques on seed yield and yield components of two contrasting white clover varieties

E. Chakwizira, J. Trethewey, M. George, A.L. Fletcher and P. Rolston  pp.133-147


The commercialisation of kokihi or New Zealand spinach (Tetragonia tetragonioides) in New Zealand

N. Roskruge  pp. 149-156


Determining the identity of New Zealand kamokamo (Curcurbita pepo, Cucurbitaceae) using mitochondrial DNA and morphological data

C.W. Marshall, L.D. Shepherd and N. Roskruge  pp. 157-166


The tomato-potato psyllid lifecycle on three traditional Maori food sources

A. Puketapu and N. Roskruge  pp. 167-173