2002 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 32nd Agronomy Society Conference held at Palmerston North in 2002.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Testing the Sirius wheat calculator

T. Armour, P.D. Jamieson and R. Zyskowski pp. 1-6 


Canopy development of sweet corn in response to phosphorous

A.L. Fletcher, D.J. Moot and P.J. Stone pp. 7-15


Why pasture growth prediction is difficult

S.J.R. Woodward and M.D. Rollo pp. 17-26


Effect of shade, fertiliser and irrigation on the production of goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis L.)

J.A. Douglas, J.M. Follett, G.A. Parmenter and J.E. Walker pp. 27-34


Domestigating variegated thistle

R.J. Martin, B. Deo, D.R. Lauren, D.J. Jensen and W.A. Smith pp. 35-39


Agronomic requirements of ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus) - a South American tuber

J.J.C. Scheffer, J.A. Douglas, R.J. Martin, C.M. Triggs, S. Halloy and B. Deo pp. 41-47


Maximising fructo-oligosaccharide production in yacon

J.A. Douglas, J.J.C. Scheffer, I.M. Sims and C.M. Triggs pp. 49-55


Impact of tillage system on sweet corn yield and some soil properties: year 2 of LandWISE Hawke's Bay

A.J. Pearson and L.R. Wilson pp. 57-61


A review of Brassica species, cross pollination and implications for pure seed production in New Zealand

A.V. Stewart pp. 63-82


The herbage accumulation and nutritive value of birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) cultivars

W. Ayala, J. Hodgson, P.D. Kemp, M. Carambula and D. Risso pp. 83-88


The impact of fertiliser magnesium and potassium on the seasonal herbage magnesium concentration of some South Island dairy pastures

M. Craighead pp. 89-98


Yield and quality of cereals grown for silage

J.P. Millner pp. 99-105


Seed yield and quality of four cool tolerant soybean cultivars at five New Zealand locations

M.M. Rahman, J.G. Hampton, M.J. Hill and N.B. Pyke pp. 107-116


The effect of ensiling forage legumes on condensed tannins

E.M.K. Minnee, S.L. Woodward, G.C. Waghorn and P.G. Laboyrie pp. 117-119


Wasabi yield and isothiocyanate responses to fertiliser type

R.J. Martin, B. Deo and J. Depree pp. 121-126