1982 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 12th Agronomy Society Conference held at Dunedin, Otago in 1982.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Presidential address: are we training enough agronomists?

G.D. Hill pp. 1-4


The effect of grain legumes on soil fertility

P.J. Rhodes, D.C. Askin and J.G.H. White pp. 5-8


The effect of inoculation and fertiliser nitrogen on the grain yield and nitrogen concentration of dwarf bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

S.D. Newton and A.G. Robertson pp. 9-14


Effect of seed treatment on Aphanomyces root rot of peas

W.A. Jermyn, R.A. Banfield, J. Hedley and A.C. Russell pp. 15-18


Management strategies for less risk in pea cropping

W.A. Jermyn and M.J. Batey pp. 19-22


Plant population and nitrogen effects on irrigated winter wheat

E.G. Drewitt pp. 23-30


Some aspects of stripe rust control in Southland

W.H. Risk, R.M. Beresford and S.H. Fraser pp. 31-33


A soil incubation test for estimating wheat yields and nitrogen requirements

B.F. Quin, E.G. Drewitt and R.C. Stephen pp. 35-40


Sap tests for measuring nitrogen status of cereals

N.J. Withers pp. 41-44


Establishment of maize into cultivated and zero-cultivated maize stubble in the Manawatu

K.A. Hughes pp. 45-49


Effect of altitude on cereal, brassica and grass growth in Otago

G.G. Cossens pp. 51-56


Control strategies for seed borne diseases

R.E. Gaunt pp. 57-60


Soil water extraction patterns under pasture and lucerne on two soil types in mid-Canterbury

J.M. Hayman and R.V. Stocker pp. 61-63


Laboratory studies on the effect of potassium salts on lucerne drying

G.S. Hartley, M.R. Presland and R. Thaine pp. 65-70


Preliminary results of trials using potassium carbonate to accelerate lucerne hay drying (I) Lincoln

R.B. Wynn-Williams and M.B. Rea pp. 71-74


Preliminary results of trials using potassium carbonate to accelerate lucerne hay drying (II) Palmerston North

B.E. Clothier and C.R. Slack pp. 75-77


Effect of sowing date on the yield and sugar content of sugar beet and fodder beet at four sites

R.J. Martin, E.G. Drewitt, S.M. Sinton, F.J. Tabley and A.P. Nicoll pp. 79-83


VA mycorrhizal inoculation of field crops

C. Ll. Powell and D.J. Bagyaraj pp. 85-88