Special Publications

 Postponed - 50th Anniversary Symposium Wed/Thu 1-2 Sep 

Due to the current Covid-19 lockdown, unknown timing of alert level changes, and because we would prefer a face-to-face celebration of 50 years of the Society, the Agronomy Society Council took the decision on 25 Aug to postpone the 50th Anniversary symposium scheduled for next week (Wednesday/Thursday 1-2 Sep). 

The Symposium will be postponed until April 2022 (dates to be confirmed shortly).  A message will be sent out to sponsors, registrants & members on Thu 26 Aug.

All Occasional Special Publication Papers have now been uploaded to the Website.

No. Year Title
1. 1982 Lucerne for the 80's
2. 1983 Barley: Production and marketing
3. 1985 Potato growing: A changing scene
4. 1985 Maize: Management to market
5. 1986 Plant breeding symposium
6. 1987 Peas: Management for quality
7. 1991 Grain legumes: National symposium and workshop
8. 1993 Wheat symposium:Limits to production and quality
9. 1994 Seed symposium: Seed development and germination
10. 1995 Proceedings of the trees and soil workshop
11. 1996 White clover: New Zealand's competitive edge
12. 2000 Seed symposium: Current research on seeds in New Zealand
13. 2010 Seed symposium: Seeds for futures