1989 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 19th Agronomy Society Conference held at Dunedin, Otago in 1989.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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CIMMYT contributions to New Zealand wheat and maize improvement

P.A. Burnett, H.A. Eagles, G.O. Edmeades, J.M. McEwan, J.P. Brennan and W.B. Griffin pp. 1-9


The relationship between lentil crop population and weed biomass production in Canterbury

B.A. McKenzie, M.E. Miller and G.D. Hill pp. 11-16


Management factors affecting lentil production in mid Canterbury

T.L. Knight, R.J. Martin and I.C. Harvey pp. 17-24


The effect of plant population and growth regulators on growth and yield of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) cv. Olympic

H. Effendi, G.D. Hill and R.J. Field pp. 25-34


Validity of the nitrale test strip technique for use on cereals

F.J. Palenski Brown and P.D. Kemp pp. 35-42


Sources of screenings in malting barley in relation to the pattern of tillering

S.H. Lee, W.R. Scott and B.G. Love pp. 43-54


Grain amaranth - seed development, yield and quality

J.S. Bartolini and J.G. Hampton pp. 55-61


Red clover (Trifolium pratense) seed quality

Y.R. Wang and J.G. Hampton pp. 63-69


Seasonal growth and final yield of autumn sown spring and winter Vicia faba cultivars

A.V. Jones, M. Andrews and J.D.A. Foorde pp. 71-75


Promising pasture species for drought prone lower slopes in the South Island high country

H.P. Chapman, J.M. Keoghan, C.G. Cossens, B.E. Allen and R.P. Littlejohn pp. 77-84


Drought pasture renewal programme

G. Milne and T. Fraser pp. 85-88


Autumn nitrogen fertiliser: a reliable management tool

J. Hoglund and J. Schurink  pp. 89-93


Lucerne: a fresh look

R.G. Purves and R.B. Wynn-Williams pp. 95-102


A survey of recent work on forage brassicas

S. Gowers and A.M. Nicol pp. 103-109


Changing proportions of legumes and grasses during the development of oversown pastures in Otago tussock grasslands

P.D. Enright and M.J.S. Floate pp. 111-117


Response of the ontogeny, yield and phosporous nutrition of Grasslands Tahora and Grasslands Huia white clover to phosphorous

P.D. Kemp pp. 119-123


The performance of several legume species on mine tailings in the Naseby Forest

W.J. Fraser & J.M. Keoghan pp. 125-129