1985 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 15th Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln, Canterbury in 1985.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy Society Papers


Soil moisture extraction patterns from irrigated and dryland arable crops in Canterbury

P.D. Jamieson pp. 1-6


The pattern of subsoil water use in autumn-sown Kopara wheat

W .S. Dalgliesh and W .R. Scott pp. 7-12


Modelling the influence of flood irrigation on wheat yields in Canterbury

J.R. Baird and J.N. Gallagher pp. 13-20


Effects of drought imposed during different developmental phases on the growth and yield of spring wheats

S.K. Roy and J.N. Gallagher pp. 21-25


An assessment of infra-red thermometry for scheduling irrigation of bean crops

John T. Scott and J.N. Gallagher pp. 27-34


The effect of wheat foliar diseases on root growth, water use and yield

R. Balasubramaniam and R.E. Gaunt pp. 35-39


Irrigation of field peas on a soil with impeded drainage

P .B. Greenwood and R.M. McNamara pp. 41-46


Response of lentils to irrigation and sowing date

B.A. McKenzie, C. Sherrell, J.N. Gallagher and G.D. Hill pp. 47-50


Variability in the malting quality of Triumph barley in Southland and Otago

R.M. Haslemore and W.H. Risk pp. 51-54


The effects of nitrogen application on the yield and quality of Bounty winter wheat

B.R. Guy pp. 55-58


Responses of grain yield components of winter-sown wheat to nitrogen fertilizer applied at four growth stages

R.C. Stephen, D.J. Saville and T.N. Kemp pp. 59-63


Seedling emergence of wheat as affected by sowing depth, seed size and sowing date

S.M. Goodman and W .R. Scott pp. 65-69


Effects of height reducing genes on yield in bread wheat: overseas and New Zealand results

L.J. Davies, J.M. McEwan and R.J. Cross pp. 71-74


The effect of growing cereal/legume mixtures on total biomass accumulation

M.T. Hassan, B.G. Love and G.D. Hill pp. 75-79


Effect of sowing date and plant population on growth and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

L.G. Hernandez and G.D. Hill pp. 81-85


Biomass accumulation and nitrogen fixation by a white clover seed crop

G.A. Whelan and J.G.H. White pp. 87-92


The course of research and development of alternative arable crops in New Zealand

R.B. Wynn-Williams and L. A. Logan pp. 93-102


A plan for commercialising sorghum as a sugar crop in Northland

G.J. Piggot, N. Lodge and C.A. Farrall pp. 103-105


Florence fennel - preliminary research on a possible new crop for the Waikato

J.A. Douglas and J.M. Follett pp. 107-110


Multiple comparison procedures

D.J. Saville pp. 111-114


Strategies for dryland pasture management - a review

D.J. Barker and A.C.P. Chu pp. 115-120


Lucerne cultivar comparisons: herbage yields under irrigation and on dryland in Central Otago

D.W. Brash pp. 121-126


Yield and nutritive quality of winter regrowth of Nui and Matua/white clover swards

G.P. Savage, M.L. Smetham and W. Joe pp. 127-130


A relevant approach to identifying well adapted and productive forage legumes for tropical third world countries

J .M. Keoghan pp. 131-135


Leaching losses of nitrate from cattle urine applied to a lysimeter

T .R.O. Field, P. W. Theobald, P.R. Ball and B.E. Clothier pp. 137-141