9. Seed Dev. & Germ.

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the Agronomy Society of New Zealand Special Publication No. 9 published in 1994 from a joint New Zealand Society of Plant Physiologists and the Agronomy Society of New Zealand symposium on seed physiology entitled: Seed Symposium: Seed development and germination held at Tauranga, Bay of Plenty on August 1991.

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Seed development and germination preface

P. Coolbear and C.A. Cornford p. vii


Seed development and germination foreword

M. Black pp. ix-x

Seed Development


Water loss during the development of tomato seeds

R.G. Thomas pp. 1-4


Embryo growth in seed development (paper abstract)

D.W. Fountain p. 5


Field and laboratory evaluation of resistance to pre-harvest sprouting in New Zealand wheat cultivars and introduced germplasm (poster abstract)

J.M. McEwan p. 6


Grasslands puna chicory: research, technology transfer and seed yields (poster abstract)

J.S. Rowarth, M.P. Rolston, W.J. Archie and B.R. Guy p.7 

Seed germination


Germination physiology of seeds from New Zealand native plants

P. Bannister and P.E. Jameson pp. 9-15


Germination experiments with seeds from the native New Zealand woody plant flora

C.J. Burrows pp. 17-23


Factors affecting radiata pine seed germination

M. I. Menzies, S.M.C. Bond and M. Dibley pp. 25-32


Some studies on maize seed germination and ageing

D.W.M. Leung pp. 33-36


Reserve mobilisation following germination of Italian ryegrass caryopses

C.A. Cornford, C. Healy and P. Guy pp. 37-42


Nitrate effects on mobilisation of seed reserves in temperate cereals

M. Andrews, M. Lieffering and B.A. McKenzie pp. 43-47


Nitrate effects on pre-emergence growth of maize

M. Andrews, K.K. Turay and B.A. McKenzie pp. 49-50


Sowing depth effects on emergence of wheat: the importance of coleoptile length (extended poster abstract)

S. Dines, M. Andrews, W.R. Scott and D.W. Jack pp. 51-52


Germination requirements of seeds of native plant species - a review of published data (poster abstract)

D.W. Fountain and H.A. Outred p. 53


Substrate availability in germinating Pinus radiata D.Don (poster abstract)

A. Coker, L. Grace, C. Jones, D. Smith, K. Steele and A. Warr p. 54


An α-amylase inhibitor from ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam) seed (poster abstract)

C.A. Cornford and L. Dixon p. 55


Starch accumulation during early seedling growth of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L. Leguminosae) (poster abstract)

D. Leung, J.D. Bewley and G. Reid p. 56


Effect of ultra-violet radiation stress on wheat seedlings (Triticum aestivum L., cv. Otane) (poster abstract)

S. Hoist and D. Leung p. 57

Seed Quality


Seed quality measurements by RP-HPLC

K.B. Sutton pp. 59-67


Pre-sowing treatments to improve seed performance

P. Coolbear pp. 69-76


Acremonium endophyte viability in seeds and the effects of storage

M.P. Rolston, M.D. Hare, G.C.M. Latch and M.J. Christensen pp. 77-82


The economics of poor seed quality in a transplant nursery

F.W. Bristol pp. 83-85


Quality and seed production in New Zealand

J.G. Hampton pp. 87-95


The effect of nitrogen and plant population on seed quality of desi and kabuli chickpeas (extended poster abstract)

B.A. McKenzie, M.H.G. Andrews and D.W. Jack pp. 97-98


Pre-sowing treatments for the improvement of germination of onion seeds (extended poster abstract)

F. Efendi and P. Coolbear pp. 99-101


Pre-sowing treatments for the improvement of germination of Pinus radiata (extended poster abstract)

Kusmintardjo, P. Coolbear and A. Firth pp. 103-104


Studies on the physiology of deterioration of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seeds (extended poster abstract)

S. Nath, P. Coolbear and C.A. Cornford pp. 105-106

Seed Biotechnology


Proteinase inhibitors from seeds: prospects for their use in plant protection

M.T. McManus, R.W. Scott and D.W.R. White pp. 107-114


Artificial seeds (paper abstract)

D.R. Smith p. 115


Purification and characterisation of a chymotrypsin inhibitor from perennial ryegrass seeds

M. Tasneem, M.T. McManus and C.A. Cornford p. 116