Manuscript Formatting


Papers, including tables and figures should not exceed 12 printed pages of the Journal.  Papers exceeding this length will be subject to special scrutiny and may be abbreviated or rejected.  The Proceedings should be used as a guide for estimated length.


Article Format

Manuscripts should be 1.5-spaced on one side of the page.  Margins of 3 cm should be left on both sides and at the top and bottom of the pages. 

Use Times Roman 12 point font for text unless otherwise stated.  Text formatting must be kept to a minimum, and sections and subsections clearly set out.  Heading for sections and subsections will be restricted to one line in length.

Section headings should be in Times New Roman 14 point in bold and centred.  There should be no line space between the section heading and the first line of text.

Subsection headings Times New Roman 12 point in bold and centred.  There should be no line space between the subsection heading and the first line of text, but there should be a single line space between the section heading and the subsection heading.


Species Names

Species can be described by their common names but botanical names must be given in full (genus, species and sub-species if appropriate) with the authority when species are first mention in the text, e.g. Zea mays L.  If botanical names are used subsequently the genus should be abbreviated to its initial letter, e.g. Z. mays, except where it comes at the start of a sentence or if an organism from another genus is mentioned, and the authority omitted.  Authorities are not given after the botanical name in the title, abstract or additional keywords.


Other formatting notes:

1. Use the Times New Roman degree symbol for °C not a superscripted o.
2. Use forward slashes to separate units, e.g. for weight per unit area use 10 kg/ha not superscripted numbers, such as 10 kg ha -1.
3. Use a single space between numbers and units e.g. 4 m or 15 kg/ha, except with % (50%) and °C (20°C). The lower case l should be used for litres and millilitres.
4. No space between the number and hyphen in ranges i.e. 25-52.
5. A comma not a space should be used with numbers greater than 999 i.e. 1,259 not 1 259.
6. Personal communications should be kept to a minimum but if necessary should include the surname and initials of the personal communicator and the year the communication was given.  These should be cited as A.B. Communicator pers. comm., 2011.
7. In the text and captions figure should begin with a capital letter and be written in full; Roman numerals should not be used i.e. Figure 3, not Fig. III or Figure III.
8. Use words for numbers of nine or less except where they precede units excluding those of time, i.e. 8 mm, 5 g m-2, but nine hours or three months.


Electronic copy

The manuscript must be submitted as an electronic copy as an e-mail attachment, to the Secretary of the Society.  They should be in MS Word as a *.doc or *.rtf files using the NZ English Dictionary.