1993 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 23rd Agronomy Society Conference held at Epsom, Auckland in 1993.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Relationships between chlorophyll meter readings and leaf chlorophyll concentration, N status, and crop yield: A review

C.W. Wood, D.W. Reeves and D.G. Himelrick pp. 1-9


Simulation of yield and quality of malting barley

J.M. de Ruiter, W. Stol and H. van Keulen pp. 11-19


Effects of nitrogen on leaf growth of temperate cereals: A review

M. Lieffering, M. Andrews and B.A. McKenzie pp. 21-30


Expanding onion exports from Canterbury

W.A. Jermyn, J.E. Lancaster and E.P. McCartney pp. 31-33


The effect of fertilizer type on brassica establishment and yield

G. D. Hayward and W. R. Scott pp. 35-41


A comparison of six autumn sown Brassica forage crops in the Manawatu

J.P. Millner pp. 43-46


Characteristics of cereal and ryegrass greenfeeds which contribute to superior herbage yield in late winter

R.C. Stephen and D.J. Saville pp. 47-51


Cereals as summer and winter forage supplements for beef cattle

W.A. Jermyn, R. Hansen, G.H. Scales and B.J. Ryan pp. 53-61


A comparison of sainfoin cultivars and lucerne, with an emphasis on sainfoin responses to water stress

S.R. Mir Hosseini Dehabadi, P.D. Kemp, D.J. Barker and J. Hodgson pp. 63-67


Effects of sowing depth and additional nitrogen on emergence and establishment of a range of New Zealand pasture grasses

D. Porter, R.J. Lucas and M. Andrews pp. 69-74


The establishment of white clover seed crops under spring barley

J.G.H. White, H.K. Keerio, D.C. Askin and P. Jarvis pp. 75-80


Undersown legumes in cereals - effect of sowing date and understorey treatments on wheat yield, grain quality and weed incidence

B. Deo, M.J. Daly, L.M. Hunt and F. Henskens pp. 81-85


Rhizobium and nitrogen effects on chickpeas sown on two dates in Canterbury

J.R. Kosgey, B.A. McKenzie and G.D. Hill pp. 87-92


Effect of sowing date, nitrogen and rhizobium inoculation on flowering and development of yield in chickpeas

T.I. Verghis, G.D. Hill and B.A. McKenzie pp. 93-97


Effect of population density on within canopy environment and seed vigour in garden pea (Pisum sativum L.)

A.G. Castillo, J.G. Hampton and P. Coolbear pp. 99-106


Evaluating the economic impact of research

H.J. Bezar pp. 107-112


Technology transfer and the seed industry: a success story

J.S. Rowarth, P.T.P. Clifford, W.J. Archie and B.R. Guy pp. 113-115