Referencing Formats

In text reference styles

The accepted in text style is shown in the following examples: 

When multiple authors are cited in the text from one publication the authors should be in order of publication date beginning with the earliest. For papers with multiple authors the name of the first author should be cited and et al. used for the remaining authors.  Note et al. must be in italics and al. must have a full-stop. There should be a comma between the author(s) and the publication year.  In the reference list the names of all authors must be cited. 

For papers with two authors papers should be cited in the text as Author1 and Author2 (2006) with "and" written in full (do not use "&").

Where multiple publications are listed together they should be separated with a semi-colon i.e. (Author1, 1999; Author 2 et al., 2002; Author3 and Author4, 2006).

Personal communications should be kept to a minimum and be cited as (A.B. Communicator pers. comm., 2011).


Examples of formatting to be used for the reference list:

Journal Article:

Gandar, P. and Kerr, J.P.  1980.  The efficacy of agronomic research in New Zealand.  Proceedings Agronomy Society of New Zealand 10: 87-92.

Maindonald, J.H. and Cox, N.R. 1989.  Use of statistical evidence in some recent issues of DSIR agricultural journals.  New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 27: 597-610.

Taylor, A.J., Smith, C.J. and Wilson, I.B. 1991. Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertiliser on yield, oil content, nitrogen accumulation and water use of canola (Brassica napus L.). Fertilizer Research 29: 249-260.



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Chapter in a Book:

Ascard, J., Hatcher, P.E., Melander, B. and Upadhyaya, M.K. 2007. Thermal weed control. pp. 155-175. In: Non-chemical weed management: principles, concepts and technology. Eds Upadhyaya, M.K. and Blackshaw, R.E. CABI Press, Wallingford.



Brown, H.E. 2004. Understanding yield and water use of dryland forage crops in New Zealand. PhD Thesis, Lincoln University, Lincoln, Canterbury. 288 pp.


Paper in a Proceedings:

Lee, H.J. and Cho, M.J. 1985. Root competition and productivity in mono- and binary association of four forage species. pp. 663-665. In: Proceedings of the XVth International Grassland Congress, 24-31 August, Kyoto, Japan.