1978 Journal Papers

 Postponed - 50th Anniversary Symposium Wed/Thu 1-2 Sep 

Due to the current Covid-19 lockdown, unknown timing of alert level changes, and because we would prefer a face-to-face celebration of 50 years of the Society, the Agronomy Society Council took the decision on 25 Aug to postpone the 50th Anniversary symposium scheduled for next week (Wednesday/Thursday 1-2 Sep). 

The Symposium will be postponed until April 2022 (dates to be confirmed shortly).  A message will be sent out to sponsors, registrants & members on Thu 26 Aug.

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 8th Agronomy Society Conference held at Hamilton, Waikato in 1978.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy Society Papers


Presidential address: Seed protein crops - What are their future?

N.J. Withers pp. 1-4


Presidents invitation address: Maize-soybean rotations and continuous cropping in northern United States

G.E. Richards pp. 5-9


Response of malting barley cultivars to different levels of P, with or without N supplement, in southern North Island

P. Wauchop and J. Field-Dodgson pp. 11-13


Development and yield of safflower in relation to sowing date and density

S.J. McCormick and D.L. Thomsen pp. 15-18


A comparison of precision and non-precision drilling of maize for grain

C.B. Dyson and J.A. Douglas pp. 19-22


Yield and water use of sweet lupins

R. Stoker pp. 23-26


Effect of plant population on seed yield and yield components of field peas

P.G. Falloon and J.G.H. White pp. 27-30


A survey of commercial field bean (Vicia faba L.) crops in Canterbury

S.D. Newton and G.D. Hill pp. 31-35


Effect of time of sowing and row spacing on yield and seed composition of Glycine max cv. Fiskeby V and Lupinus angustifolius cv. Unicrop

G.D. Hill, V.P. Briones and N.G. Porter pp. 37-42


Effect of stage of growth and season on yield of lucerne and on in vitro digestibility of the whole plant and its component parts

E. Thom pp. 43-46


A comparison of dry matter production from medium stemmed and Maris Kestrel marrowstem kales

R.C. Stephen, R.C. McDonald and A. Kelson pp. 47-50


Late-winter forage yields of early-autumn-sown cereals and ryegrasses in northern Canterbury

R.C. Stephen, T.N. Kemp and B.W. Todd pp. 51-54


The significance of Ascochyta leaf and pod spot disease in field bean (Vicia faba L.) crops in Canterbury, 1977-78

R.E. Gaunt, P.S. Teng and S.D. Newton pp. 55-57


An analysis of yield components of major tiller orders of Kopara wheat

J. Fraser and C.T. Dougherty pp. 59-62


The drying of hay and wilted silage in the field

B.E. Clothier pp. 63-67


Solasodine production from Solanum laciniatum in the South Island of New Zealand

D.J.G. Davies and J.D. Mann pp. 69-71


Yield and nutrient composition of seventeen Lupinus mutabilis lines

P.E. Horn and G.D. Hill pp. 73-77


The influence of row spacing and date of sowing, on the dry matter production of greenfeed maize

R.C. Stephen, R.C. McDonald and A. Kelson pp. 79-81


Early generation selection for milling quality

W.B. Griffin pp. 83-85

Symposium: Marketing of New Zealand Agricultural and Horticultural Cultivars


Marketing agricultural products with reference to improved cultivars

P.S. Ferens pp. 89-92


The seed merchants viewpoint

S.J. Tait pp. 93-94


The commercial plant breeders perspective

R.S. Gowans pp. 95-96


A government plant breeders viewpoint

G.W. Butler pp. 97-98


The farmer as the consumer

J.D. Simpson pp. 99-100

Symposium - Animal Production from Pastures - Overcoming Limitations of a Seasonal Feed Deficit


Pasture constraints to sheep production

P.V. Rattray pp. 103-108


Pasture constraints on beef production

T.F. Reardon pp. 109-114


Pasture constraints on dairy production

A.G. Campbell and A.M. Bryant pp. 115-118


Aspects of the feeding value of pasture

M.J. Ulyatt pp. 119-122


Improved species and seasonal pasture production

J.A. Lancashire pp. 123-127


Tactical use of fertiliser nitrogen

T.R.O. Field and R. Ball pp. 129-133


Meeting deficits in feed supply by pasture conservation

R. Marsh pp. 135-140


Quality pasture silage for off paddock self-feeding of beef cattle

H.W.J. Buchanan pp. 141-142


Some factors governing the nutritive value of brassica crops

T.N. Barry pp. 143-148


Crops as supplements to pastures for finishing lambs

K.J. Jagusch, P.V. Rattray and W.J. Sorrenson pp. 149-155


A greenfeed sorghum and sub-clover system for dairy production

I.J. Jurlina pp. 157-158


Quality pasture silage and maize silage on a large factory supply dairy farm

R.D. Wallace pp. 159-160


Conservation based forage crop systems for major or complete replacement of pasture

A.O. Taylor and K.A. Hughes pp. 161-166


The use of crop grazing systems for animal production

R.C. Stephen and R.C. McDonald pp. 167-172