Prizes and Awards

 Postponed - 50th Anniversary Symposium Wed/Thu 1-2 Sep 

Due to the current Covid-19 lockdown, unknown timing of alert level changes, and because we would prefer a face-to-face celebration of 50 years of the Society, the Agronomy Society Council took the decision on 25 Aug to postpone the 50th Anniversary symposium scheduled for next week (Wednesday/Thursday 1-2 Sep). 

The Symposium will be postponed until April 2022 (dates to be confirmed shortly).  A message will be sent out to sponsors, registrants & members on Thu 26 Aug.


Fellowship of the Society is an honour conferred for distinction in research and the advancement of Agronomy.

Nominations for Fellows may be made by any full member of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand.  Nominees for Fellowship must be members in good standing of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand.  Nominations will be considered by the Council of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand.  Nominations must be forwarded to:

The President 
Agronomy Society of New Zealand 
Craig McGill
School of Agriculture and Environment
Massey University
Private Bag 11-222

by 31 March in any year.

Current Fellows

John R. Caradus

John G. Hampton

Bill A. Jermyn

Bruce A. McKenzie

Rob B. Wynn-Williams

Current Life Members

Bill T. Bussell

Neville J. Withers

Prizes & Awards

Certificate in Agronomy.  The Certificate of Achievement to Agronomy in New Zealand will be awarded by the Agronomy Society of New Zealand to any member or non-member who has provided a valuable service to Agronomy in New Zealand.  Nominations, including name and reason for nomination, should be forwarded to the Secretary of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand by 31 March of any year.

Agronomy Society prizes for the best overall paper and best student paper are awarded at the Annual Conference each year.

'The Agronomy Society Student Travel Award'.
Awarded to a student member presenting a paper at the Annual Conference to support travel, accommodation and conference registration costs up to a maximum of $NZ1,000.  The award will be based on the scientific merit of the paper.

Agronomy Society of New Zealand International Crop Science Congress (ICSC) Travel Award 
The Agronomy Society of New Zealand International Crop Science Congress (ICSC) Travel Award is available to encourage tertiary students or post-doctoral fellows to participate in future International Crop Science Congresses. 

The Award will be up to a maximum value of $NZ5,000.  To be eligible for the award applicants must have had a paper accepted for presentation at the Congress.  Applications for the Award should be made once applicants have had confirmation of paper acceptance for the Congress.