2012 Journal Papers

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 42nd Agronomy Society Conference held at Lincoln, Canterbury in 2012.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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Agronomy  Society Papers


Sweetpotato cultivar response to prolonged drought

S.L. Lewthwaite and C.M. Triggs  pp. 1-10


Validation of a Forage Brassica Calculator for fertiliser forecasting system of kale and swede crops in New Zealand

E. Chakwizira, A. Fletcher and R.F. Zyskowski  pp. 11-22


Screening cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) germplasm for canopy maintenance under water stress

L.L.M. Pungulani, J.P. Millner and W.M. Williams  pp. 23-32


Sowing date effects on timing of growth stages, yield and oil content of potential biodiesel crops

V.T. Fasi, R.J. Martin, B.M. Smallfield and B.A. McKenzie  pp. 33-42


Dry matter accumulation of faba bean sown at different sowing dates in Canterbury

Martini, M.Y., B.A. McKenzie, D.J. Moot and G.D. Hill  pp. 43-51


Sprout development of seed potato tuber after different storage conditions

J.S. Oliveira, D. Moot, H.E. Brown, A. Gash and S. Sinton  pp. 53-58


Nodulised Stack Dust (NSD) as a Lime and Potassium Source for Grapes

M. Craighead  pp. 59-76


Irrigation management of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) seed crops

R.J. Chynoweth, M.P. Rolston and B.L. McCloy  pp. 77-85


Seed Symposium Papers 


Problems and progress for organic seed production

C.N. Merfield  pp. 89-102


The effect of a nodulating enhancer on marrowfat pea plant development, seed yield and size

J.M. Townshend and J.M. Boleyn  pp. 103-110


Crop management strategies to improve forage rape seed yield

J.A.K. Trethewey  pp. 111-117


Italian ryegrass seed yield: trinexapac-ethyl and closing date interaction

M.P. Rolston, J.A.K.Trethewey, R.J. Chynoweth and B.L. McCloy  pp. 119-127


Ensuring the long term viability of the New Zealand seed industry

J.G. Hampton, M.P. Rolston, N.B. Pyke and W. Green  pp. 129-140


Control of blind seed disease (Gloeotinia temulenta) in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) seed crops and implications for endophyte transmission

R.J. Chynoweth, M.P. Rolston, M. Kelly & N. Grbavac  pp. 141-148


Microbial inoculation of seed – issues and opportunities

M. O’Callaghan, D. Wright, J. Swaminathan, S. Young and P. Wessman  pp. 149-154


Can crop rotation reduce inoculum of the carrot pathogen Alternaria radicina?

J. G. Hampton, R.S. Trivedi and J.M. Townshend  pp. 155-162


Seed longevity of some cropping weeds in several New Zealand soils

C.A. Dowsett and T.K. James  pp. 163-170


Changes in trypsin inhibitory activity of developing seed parts and pod of red kidney bean

H. Alizadeh, D.W.M. Leung and Y. Edwards  pp. 171-180


Cardinal temperatures and thermal time requirements for germination of forage brassicas

M. Andreucci, A.D. Black and D.J. Moot  pp. 181-191


Is targeted modification of cytokinin regulatory gene activity in Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa an appropriate model for forage brassica, B. napus?

P.E. Jameson, D. J. O’Keefe and J. Song pp. 193-204