Tables and Figures

Authors must pay particular attention to tables and figures.  They should be kept to a minimum, be clear and concise.  Tables must be on separate pages at the end of the manuscript.  Do not embed them in the document.  List figure captions separately.

Figures must be submitted in a separate file as computer graphics compatible with MS Word.  Maximum acceptable width is 160 mm; if figures are to be side by side on the page their maximum width is 75 mm.  We publish in Times Roman thus numbers and letters on figures should be the same font and large enough to read.  N.B. As a final size reduction of submitted figures is done by the Printers all detail must be easily seen on originals i.e. use thick dark lines.  Do not use colours, we print in black and white.

Prepare figures with care so that all detail can be easily read at the final reduced size.  Ensure that all fonts, lines and symbols are the correct font, size and thickness.  Figures containing multiple graphs, charts or illustrations must fit on one page less the space required for the caption.

Tables for electronic copy should be in the word processor’s Table mode with one data observation per cell.  Do not use a hard return at the end of rows of the table.