2004 Journal Papers

Our recent 50th Anniversary celebrated our past and looked to the future... Our thanks to the Symposium's 18 sponsors, 31 speakers & 172 registrants for making it such a success.

Immediately below are PDF files of individual papers from the 34th Agronomy Society Conference held at Ashburton in 2004.  Please click on the title of interest to download the file:

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The development of a fodder radish suitable for multiple grazing

A.V. Stewart and A.J. Moorhead pp. 1-7


The SMCO content of grazing radish compared with other brassicas in New Zealand

A.V. Stewart and H.G. Judson pp. 9-12


Dairying intensification: production responses and financial implications

R.N. Jensen, D.A. Clark and K.A. Macdonald pp.13-20 


Dairy pasture yield and growth responses to summer and spring grazing

F. McKenzie, J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 21-30


Variation in gorse (Ulex europaeus L.) seed production and viability in the South Island of New Zealand

C.R. Sixtus, G.D. Hill and R.R. Scott pp. 31-41


Winter tickbeans (Vicia faba L. var. minor) to enhance organic production

S.R. Shaw, L.H.J. Kerckhoffs, B.T. Rogers and J.B. Reid pp. 43-50


Effect of dairy effluent on millet yields and quality

J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 51-55


Effect of dairy effluent on perennial pasture in late spring and summer

J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 57-62


Effects of soil and climatic conditions on the variation in some ryegrass seed crops

M.D. Craighead and I.J. Yule pp. 63-72


Controlling pasture quality on hill country - key decisions and techniques

D.I. Gray, J.I. Reid, P.D. Kemp, I.M. Brookes, D. Horne, P.R. Kenyon, C. Matthew, S.T. Morris and I. Valentine pp. 73-82


Harvesting sulla for yield and quality

E.M.K. Minnee, S.J. Bluett and S.L. Woodward pp. 83-88


Leaf appearance and primordia initiation of 'Challenger' sweet corn in response to phosphorous

A.L. Fletcher, D.J. Moot and W.R. Scott pp. 89-96


Seed production in narrow-leafed lupins (Lupinus angustifolius L.)

J.P. Millner, K.M. Tahir and C. Black pp. 97-107


Development of a laboratory procedure to determine dry matter in maize forage

R.J. Hill and S. Ballinger pp. 109-115


Optimising harvest timing by predicting dry matter content of whole-crop cereals for silage

J. M. de Ruiter, S. Maley and M. Robson pp. 117-131


One drill for all establishment systems - is it possible?

E. J. Stevens, P.K. Jarman, P.J. Clarke and J.G. Hampton pp.133-142


Effects of irrigation on yields and water use efficiencies of forages

J. Jacobs and G. Ward pp. 143-147


The effect of plant density on seed yield of two cool tolerant soybean cultivars in Canterbury

M.M. Rahman, M.G. Mwakangwale, J.G. Hampton and M.J. Hill pp. 149-159


A model of protein accumulation and composition in wheat

P.D. Jamieson, P. Martre, R.F. Zyskowski, E. Triboi and J.R. Porter pp. 161-164


Is maize silage and grain yield and N concentration affected by method of N fertiliser

A.J. Pearson, I.B. Soreson, S.R. Shaw and B.T. Rogers pp. 165-169


Using the Sirius wheat calculator to manage wheat quality - the Canterbury experience

T. Armour, P.D. Jamieson and R.F. Zyskowski pp. 171-176


Soil compaction effects on early plant growth of squash

B.P. Searle and I.B. Sorensen pp. 177-182


Flowering and seed production in a model pot-grown specimen of the sweet herb Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (Asteraceae)

R.C.Southward, K.L. Kitchen and D.W. Fountain pp. 183-190


Development of a maize forage sampling system to accurately determine dry matter percentage

J.M. DeFilippi, D.W. Densley, J.P. Praat, N.B. Pyke and D.J. Saville pp. 191-202