Recognising George Hill's contribution to the Agronomy Society of New Zealand

Associate Professor George Hill has stepped down from the Council of Agronomy Society of New Zealand after a 37-year association with the Society. George was elected onto Council in 1975, just four years after the Society was founded. He held a number of positions within the Society, including: Council member, Secretary, President, Assistant Editor and Editor of the Proceedings. In 1996 George was elected as a Fellow of the Society.

George has had a highly significant positive influence on the Agronomy Society. However his influence on agronomy in New Zealand is even greater. During his nearly 40-years at Lincoln University George has had 35 Masters and PhD students and 12 Honours students. His students are employed all around the world as research scientists, academics and, in at least one case, as a Vice-Chancellor. George held a wide range of roles at Lincoln University including Head of the Plant Science Department, Chair of Academic Assembly and Chair of the Board of Degree Studies in Science. During his career George won a wide range of awards including: Visiting Scientist at Wageningen, Visiting Professor at the University of Heidelburg, Visiting Scientist at Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria, Madrid and at Auburn University, USA.

George has published 30 book chapters or books and well over 190 refereed scientific publications.

George has had a very long and distinguished career in agronomy and his formal presence on the Council of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand will be missed. We would very much like to thank Associate Professor Hill for his wonderful contributions to the Agronomy Society of New Zealand and to agronomy in general.


Posted: Tue 28 Feb 2012