James Millner steps down from Council

The 2021 Invercargill Conference is postponed to 15-17 Nov 2022 Conference link

The 50th Anniversary 2-day Symposium at Lincoln University is postponed to 31 Aug-1 Sep 2022 Symposium link

Dr James Millner, Massey University, stepped down from serving on the New Zealand Agronomy Council at the Annual General Meeting in November 2013. James was first elected a member of the Council in 1993. During James’s time on the Council he was involved in the full range of its activities including being President from 1997-2000. James has been a strong advocate of the New Zealand Agronomy Society during his time on the Council and this will no doubt continue. He has been particularly encouraging of postgraduate students being involved in the Agronomy Conferences including presentation of their research.

As a member of the Council James has contributed through his broad knowledge of the industry and his desire to see tasks completed without unnecessary complexity. Although James will continue to contribute to the conferences his long and effective contribution to the Council is deserving of public acknowledgement.

Posted: Mon 14 Apr 2014