Future farming, future food - 30 May - Stephen Wratten

The position Distinguished professor aims to recognise those scholars whose leadership and performance is acknowledged internationally as outstanding. Professor Steve Wratten is the second professor to be awarded this honour by Lincoln University this month.

To celebrate this achievement Distinguished Professor Steve Wratten will present a lecture entitled ‘Future Farming, Future Food’ on Thursday 30 May 2019. Professor Steve Wratten will present an in-depth analysis of how ‘western’ agriculture can damage the prospects for our future food security and offer ideas for practical and ‘sustainable’ improvement on how we grow our food. Two billion people do not know where their food will come from tomorrow.  Current ‘western’ farming practices may not be the solution but regenerative agriculture is a promising prospect.  We need to export our knowledge of sustainable farming, not commodities that have environmental damage associated with their production and use.

His lively talk will include audience interactions, videos, animations and living insects.

You can register your intention to attend via here

Posted: Tue 14 May 2019